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You went thru with your surgery, Now what?

Posted by Imagine Clinic for Hair on September 7, 2012

Congratulations! You went thru with it, you finally had your hair transplant.  Now what? Is the first question in your head? Why is the care after so important?

First things first, you leaving the office after you procedure; you do want to cover your head, and it is ok to were a hat BUT make sure it’s clean!  Either buy a new hat or just wash it before you come in, you can even put it in the dishwasher to remove any bacteria in the hat.  Because think about it you don’t want fungus growing on your head right?

Top 5 things patients do to destroy there procedure:

  1.  “I want to be gentle”

–         The first 5 days is ok to be gentle, but after that you need to scrub it good, you need to wash it in a circular motion to get the dead skin and blood off.  You do not want to walk around with dead skin nesting on top of your head.

2. “I just knocked my head getting in my car”

–         Be careful especially these first few days after surgery.  You can easily dislodge your grafts.  Be careful on knocking your head or bending down or any strenuous exercise because your blood can rush to your head and can pop off a graft.



  1. 3.    “I’m going on my vacation and tanning on the beach”

–         Remember you just had a lot of sights or incisions on top of your head.  You do not want it to scar permanently.

–         Remember the skin is very sensitive and it is open for UV damage for at least the next 3 months.

  1. 4.    “My head Itches”

–          Don’t scratch it; you can scratch off a graft.



  1. 5.    “I want to put ointment on it so it can heal better”

–         That’s a No No that’s does not Go Go.  Applying ointment or gauze on top of your grafts can just promote build up.  Just keep using the postoperative kit, especially the follicle spray.

All of these ideas are a guaranteed to ruin a good surgery!


But your next question after your recovery might be “why does it take so long to see growth?

Stay tune for our next blog……





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